The scottish cuisine
Scotland is a country for connoisseurs. The cuisine in Scotland is amazed by opulence and delicacies, thanks to the freshness and quality of ingredients, the richness of the mountains, forests, rivers and the "Auld Alliance" - the old friendship between Scotland and France. Partridges and grouse, pheasants, deer and other venison, beef and sheep, and of course, fish and seafood is the reputation of Scotland even over the borders.
To go out for having your meal is an everyday occurrence. The most cheapest ones you get in the pubs, the pub meals, which get served midday and in the evening. Mostly you get a proper meal for £8 to £10. You order and pay at the bar. In a restaurant you pay £15 upwards. In Scottish restaurants you wait at the entrance until you get assigned a seat. The kitchens in Scotland are typically open until 9pm. Tips are getting expected just in restaurants where the service charge is not automatically included in the prices.
Almost everywhere you find "Take Aways" as a cheaper option. Either indish, chinese, sandwiches or the typical Fish & Chips
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The soul of Scotland: Whisky, beer & pubs
In pubs you order your drinks and food at the bar. Usually you do group orders and you don´t pay any tip. Don´t take it as an invitation if your interlocutor brings a drink with for you. He will expect that you will pay the next one. To avoid any misunderstandings you better clarify beforehand if you want just 1 drink.
90% of the beer consumption is in the pub. Scots love their pints (0,56ltr) and they see the best value for money in it. A lager is  continental light coloured beer with acid. An Ale is a top-fermented beer made of malted barley.
Whisky, the "Water of Life" you will find all over the country. Every pub offers a range of Scotch Whisky. There are Single Malts and Blended Whiskys. A Single Malt is a whisky who comes from just one distillery. A blended whisky is a composition of up to 40 different whiskys from different distilleries. Blended Whiskys are good for mixed drinks but Single Malts are getting kept in room temperature and you drink it without ice.
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