Dare you descent...?

Walking activity in Edinburgh


We offer entertaining and professional underground ghost tours, history tours and walking tours in Edinburgh.

The ghost guides will share with you Edinburgh’s darkest stories, the curious, the uncanny and the terrifying.

Every City is full of secrets, Edinburgh is no exception.

You might be lucky to get on a tour with the first individual who took tour groups into Edinburgh’s underground vaults, over 20 years ago. These tours proved so popular that they lead to many other companies and individuals setting up similar underground Ghost tour companies.


We pride ourselves however on offering the original and oldest underground Ghost tour. As well as the first underground tour guide, he is also a published historian and professional stand-up comedian, meaning that the tours he has written are both historically factual and both hilarious and entertaining.


You will get exclusive access to the vaults and you will have access to the only vaults with a window fitted onto the roof – meaning you can literally see people walk over you!

There are 8 Underground Ghost Tours running every day of the year. With tours in both Spanish & English, with more language tours on the way.

All of the tours begin at our Police Box on Edinburgh’s Royal Mile.

Book online ghost tours in Edinburgh. Select below from the best history and ghost tours led by famous ghost guides.

From Ghost to History tours, there is something for everyone.

Early Afternoon Ghost Tour

Our Early Afternoon Ghost Tours are walking tours led by a professional guide in full period costume. You will walk around some of Edinburgh’s most historically fascinating Old Town Closes. Our guides will overdose you with historical facts and stories of Edinburgh’s dark past, with the odd bad joke chucked in from time to time.


On a tight budget? Don’t worry – this walking tour is our most affordable and will still scare the living
daylights out of you!


Ghosts, torture, death and horror … Is there any better way to start your evening?



1.15 pm • 3.15 pm • 5.15 pm


Adult: £8.00

Child: £6.00

Evening Ghost Tour

Edinburgh is undoubtedly the most haunted city in the world…are you ready to find out why?

Let one of Edinburgh most infamous sons lead you round the dark side of Edinburgh’s Old Town.


Visit the hidden closes off the Royal Mile and let our experienced guide reveal some of Edinburgh’s horrifying secrets. Then take a visit to what is regarded as the most haunted graveyard in the world, ‘Greyfriars Kirkyard’. Lastly let us take you deep into our haunted underground vaults.

With over 400 years of history, our guides will entertain you with the terrifyingly true tales of ghosts, hangings, torture, murders and witchcraft all connected to our specific Underground network.

Our evening tours are the most popular for experiencing weird noises, smells and feelings – all of which normally go unexplained.


Are you brave enough to venture into Edinburgh’s dark past?


6.45 pm • 7.45 pm


Adult: £10.00

Concession: £9.00

Child: £6.00

Tour of the Undead

This is the Underground Ghost Tour that will leave you thinking about what you just experienced.

Be taken across Edinburgh’s Old Town, Graveyard & Underground by one of Edinburgh’s most famous deceased characters. They have been dead for years and have only just returned to lead these tours and some are still not too happy about it.

Hear stories of torture, ghosts, hangings, and witches, along with a very special story concerning the guide themselves.

Every city has it’s secrets…some are kept quiet for a reason.

All of the stories told on this tour have been research by a published historian and are all historically factual.



8.45 pm


Adult: £10.00

Concession: £9.00

Extreme Paranormal Ghost Tour

Our Extreme Paranormal Ghost Tour is only for those that consider themselves to be very brave, those who are not afraid to venture into some of Edinburgh’s most haunted locations both above and underground. This adults only tour is not for the faint hearted!

This specific tour is for the hardened Ghost hunter…or the non-believer.

Visit old wynds, leading to the world’s most haunted graveyard! Then take a walk along the path of death! Below the pavement “Ghosts” hang around in the underground!

We will walk you through paranormal ghost stories from both sides, while also covering true, terrifying tales of hangings, torture, murders, witches and cannibals.

…Dare you descend?



10.15 pm


Adult: £12.00

Concession: £11.00

Historical Tour with Undergound

Join a local historian around Edinburgh’s famous Royal Mile. Learn about Edinburgh’s fascinating history, literature heroes, infamous criminals and battles that shaped our city into what is today.

This tour will take you into parts of Edinburgh that you did not know existed, off the tourist trail. From hidden Victorian gardens to centuries old buildings with plenty a story attached.

Hear about how the first skyscrapers in the world were built in Edinburgh, indeed we hosted the tallest buildings in the world long before any other country caught onto the trend. Find out who the famous local criminal was that became the inspiration for Jekyll & Hyde. Learn where the word Black Market came from, where Ebeneezer Scrooge is buried (yes, really) and how Edinburgh University worked closely with the serial killers Burke & Hare.

Edinburgh’s history is long and fascinating, made even more special when told by our enthusiastic and passionate guides.

Our tour includes a visit to Edinburgh’s Underground Vaults, one of the most hidden and historic places in all of Edinburgh. Your guide will tell you about our Underground’s dark history and some of the strangest things that happen down there as well as some famous historic characters connected to our specific vaults.





2 pm


Adult: £9.00

Concession: £8.00

Child: £6.00

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