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The Scottish cuisine has so much more to offer than fish and chips and deep-fried Mars bar: the mountains, forests, rivers and seas are rich of fish and wild that the specialty of Scottish cuisine, stands mainly for freshness and quality of ingredients. Whether partridge and pheasant from the moorland, sheep, beef, venison and venison, freshly caught salmon and seafood , fine homemade cheese and of course whisky and hand- brewed beer. The land between the picturesque coastline, majestic mountains and gently rolling hills produces delicacies. On our tour we will feel these gourmet delights of Scotland. We visit whisky distilleries , dairies and smokehouses and taste all the wonderful things that Scotland has to offer. As a highlight of the trip a Scottish celebrity chef and “Food Ambassador” invites us for a cooking evening to his home.

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Scottish Experience - Gourmet (Fife)

4 days gourmet tour - Whisky and culture in Scotland

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The Kingdom of Fife, just north of Edinburgh, is one of Scotland's most fertile areas. Between the picturesque North Sea coast and the gently rolling hills, real delicacies are produced: fine cheese, smoked fish, organic vegetables, tender beef and hand-brewed beer. During a visit to the Daftmill Distillery, we learn how the Cuthbert family distils their whisky. As a highlight, the celebrity chef and "Food Ambassador" Christopher Trotter invites us to a cooking evening at his home. Here we will treat the delicacies of Fife to an unforgettable dinner. A pleasure trip for true connoisseurs!

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