"Why all the fuss? Event management is pretty straightforward. No more complicated than arranging a wedding or party. Just find a suitable venue, theme it, get in some food and drink, book the band, a marquee, some flowers and then make sure all the invites go out on time…easy…isn’t it???"

For some of us event management is simple. It comes naturally, its something we love doing, we don’t mind the stress of it all…in fact we rise to it. The adrenalin and nerves are just as much a part of the experience as the glamour and praise. For others it’s a living nightmare.

Unfortunately managing an event is rarely as simple as the ‘checklist’ in the opening quote, but with the right level and quality of event management training, with a good team and with confidence (through experience) it can be a relatively stress free ride that brings you an incredible buzz, a huge sense of achievement and in many cases a bit of glamour/celebrity/rock n’ roll/travel (take your pick).

"What is EVENT?" An event can be described as a public assembly for the purpose of celebration, education, marketing or reunion. Events can be classified on the basis of their size, type and context. This can be... Social / life–cycle events Events like Birthday party, Hen/Stag party, Graduation day, Bachelor's party, Engagement, Wedding, Anniversary, Retirement day, Funeral etc. Education and career events Events like education fair, job fair, workshop, seminar, debate, contest, competition etc. Sports events Events like Olympics, World Cup, marathons, Wimbledon, wrestling matches etc. Entertainment events Events like music concerts, fairs, festivals, fashion shows, award functions, celebrity nights, beauty peagents, flash mob, jewellery shows, stage shows etc. Political events Events like political procession, demonstration, rally, political functions etc. Corporate events Events like MICE (meetings, incentives, conferences, exhibitions), product launches, road shows, buyer-seller meet etc. Fund raising/ cause related events Any event can be turned into a fund raising or cause related event e.g. auctions.

Using events as business marketing tools?

Using events as part of your marketing strategy is a very effective way to allow for an interactive or hands-on environment. Special events can engage new and past clients and allow a way for your company to bring your brand to life. Having an event can be one of the biggest promotional tactics in your strategy...if planned correctly.The key to any event is to directly engage your clients. Show your clients the passion and mission behind the company. In other words, bring the brand to life during your event! While digital media allows for a two-way conversation with the brand, events allow for a more personal face-to-face immersion into the brand. Building a more personal and in-depth relationship with clients at events can build trust and allow you to build long-term relationships with clients.

However, using events as part of a marketing tool isn’t for every company. The most important piece of the puzzle to understand is your audience! Knowing exactly who buys or uses your product will help you determine if hosting or sponsoring an event is the right decision for you. The most important question in deciding on planning an event is “What is my goal?” Do you want to launch a product, create buzz about your brand, build revenue or attract a new audience? Having an end goal for an event will help you shape your event. Sit down with key employees to discuss whether putting time and effort into an event is the correct marketing strategy for your company. People are really busy, and asking them to come to your event instead of the 10 other things they are pulled to is one of the hardest tasks to tackle. You need to make sure the audience knows why they can’t miss out on your great event. Find something that makes the event exciting and engaging. Bring in celebrities or CEOs from the company, provide exclusive offers for attendees, or simply support a good cause. Again, know your audience! Understanding their wants and needs will help you understand what will attract them to your event. Make sure you are not overextending to different audiences. Having one specific audience makes your event much easier to promote. Decide on a consistent message for the event and make sure to market that to potential attendees. Once at the event, convert the message into an experience for them. However, make sure your message for the event is consistent with your brand. If your message could be used in a generic marketing message or for your competitor’s event, go back to the drawing board and come up with a message specific to your brand. The location of an event can sometimes sell your event for you. Make sure your location fits in well with your brand presence. The experience of the event builds greatly from the location you choose. One of the best ways to get attendees excited for the event is produce a video that shows a sneak peak of your event. Show the exclusive offers, the menu, or find another way to build excitement for the event!

Lisa Pinto, owner of Fogo Marketing, tells the BlackBerry Better Business Hub how small business professionals can use events as an effective marketing mechanic

Finally, when selling and marketing your event, make sure to market with measurable results to get the greatest return on investment. It’s hard to capture an audience and gain an understanding of attendees through flyers and direct mail. An email blast or online newsletters will let you grasp the number of those interested in your event a little better. Know the media and locations your audience will pick up on your message and see your promotions. While time consuming, sending direct and personal emails will make potential attendees feel important and will increase the likelihood of their attendance as well. Events and event marketing are both very time consuming efforts for a company. However, the rewards to be gained can be great. Immerse your audience in your brand during the event to create long-term relationships with new clients!

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