Guest speech at FifeCollege

A joint venture between RYEvents & ARRO Lighting & Events to show Fife´s students the world of events

On Monday the 18th January we had the pleasure to share our passion for events with the current Event Management students at FifeCollege. Within a joint venture with Aaron Andrews from ARRO Lighting & Events we presented how events business works and what the students can expect after their graduation. With our experience from the event industry we explained the different types of events and how an event manager works within this industry. With this project we want to aim young people and their vision of worklife. The event industry needs young, skilled, passionate and modern experts so where else you can find them if not in a college.

Together with Aaron Andrews, Rock Ya Events Group takes part in the committee of GoGlenrothes, an events and promotions group in Glenrothesas. As a local business we will join the Event Management team for upcoming, local events to promote the Town of Glenrothes and its surrounding are. The group got created to create a vibrant Town that serves the needs and aspirations of its population, existing businesses, and surrounding community and to develop an environment that is welcoming to visitors, new businesses and new social and cultural activity. Here we want to link the event students from Fife College to a live event opportunity to work on and to experience the business of event management. Within this project we are currently planning a major event dedicated to Johnny Cash.