First Class Customer Service for Rock Ya Events Group

We have been delighted to receive some press coverage for our "WorldHost Recognition For Excellent Customer Service" in January 2016. Please excuse the delay in our release.

Pierre Kruff heads up Fife-based Rock Ya Events Group who specialise in event and destination management, but is now looking to enhance his client's experience after becoming a nationally recognised WorldHost business. WorldHost is a customer service training programme which helps raise the overall quality, knowledge and skills of those working within the tourism industry. Pierre undertook the world-class customer training programme in December alongside other Fife businesses who are all aiming to achieve the recognition not only for their business, but for the region too, so that Fife can stand out as a destination renowned for first-class customer service.

2015 has been a busy year for Pierre and his business with clients including several AV companies, organising a tour in Germany for Fife band, organising Aberdour Festivals sold out Opening Night with Scotland's pre-eminent singer-songwriter and a national musical treasure Dougie MacLean, contributing to European press articles, creating his new website, creating collaborations with Scotland´s best resorts like Gleneagles, Fairmont, Trump Turnberry and also capping off the year with a brand new whisky experience tour that incorporates all of Fife's distilleries.

Pierre said "2016 is an incredibly exciting year ahead for us. We want to strive to ensure that our customer service is renowned by our clients who come from all over the world. We believe partnership is key to success and delivering quality service is something myself and businesses I collaborate with feel strongly about." Furthermore he said “Scotland is full of amazing, historic and emotional places. It´s a stunning place which offers opportunities for every person who loves nature, culture and a warm welcome. Over here it is the combination of all kind of senses and therefore a perfect place to create a perfect event with excellent customer service.”

Drew Shedden, Chair of the Fife WorldHost Steering Group added "Excellence in customer care is a hugely powerful tool for any employee and it’s no surprise that successful businesses all have a very positive and outgoing attitude in this area. The WorldHost programme is a short, sharp reminder to all those people you have facing your customers on a daily basis. Through the WorldHost Regional Destination Initiative 5,000 businesses, four cities, over 70 towns and a set of islands across 11 Scottish regions will use the training to achieve WorldHost Recognised Business and Destination status in the next two years. The initiative aims to build on the legacy of world-class events like the 2014 Commonwealth Games and Ryder Cup, and transform customer service standards across Scotland’s visitor economy.