6 Things Our Event Manager Will Notice Straight Away

Attention to detail is one of the more important qualities of a great event manager. After all, perfectionism is a natural side effect of making a living providing people with flawless live experiences.

Once our perfectionism starts creeping into our social life, we know we've really been in the biz for a while. Especially when we’re at eg. a friend’s wedding and you find yourself paying more attention to the coordinator’s choices than the reception. Oops...

"Being a perfectionist is the natural side effect of making a living hosting flawless events."

The following 6 things are the ones we can most definitely relate to as event manager... #1: We always know where the plug sockets are in any room

Because our phone is our lifeline, we always scope out the sockets in a room or venue, so we know where to plug in our phone when the battery is out of juice. In fact, outlets and emergency exits are pretty much the first things we look for when entering a new space.

#2: We judge the fire capacity of a room at first glance

Math skills are pretty useful as an event creator, but being able to “guestimate” how many bodies could fit into a room is a skill all on its own. That’s because when we’ve checked out a hundred rooms and counting, we get pretty familiar with the max capacity of each.

#3: We admire efficient traffic flow in crowded areas

Anything that frustrates attendees is bad for business. Which is why we take notice of smooth traffic flows at other people’s events and make notes to our self. We’ll borrow what we liked best to help improve the experience for our own attendees.

#4: We have little patience for technological difficultiesWho doesn’t carry a USB charger, extra batteries, and an extension cord in their bag? You just never know when equipment will fail, which is why we always have backups of critical items. But because of this preparedness, our general tolerance for technical difficulties is low. #5: We love unique swag/giveaway ideas and keep a running list

Offering swag that gets attendees excited is no easy task. Most events will have some type of giveaway, but often it’s nothing to write home about. So when we do come across an innovative or fun giveaway, of course you need to add it to our inspiration list!

#6: We notice how other event creators resolve conflicts

People skills are critical to finding success as an event creator. But sometimes being friendly and professional isn’t enough when two or more people experience disagreements. When we witness truly stellar conflict resolution (at any event we attend), it’s solid gold.

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