From Event Planner To Event Strategist

As event professionals we are experiencing an unprecedented change in our job description.

The stereotype of the busy task manager is being replaced by the image of a very strategic individual. It is now more imperative than ever that planners familiarize themselves with the data available, and be able to action that business intelligence. Data is at the core of this movement, and the richer it gets, the more it will become a key driver in coordinating brand marketing activations, complex conference programs, crowded trade show floors and aligned internal meetings.

‘Let’s do an event’ is the statement event professionals most dread hearing from upper management. It very frequently lands on the event planner unaccompanied by any plan with clear objectives and outcomes. The real challenge is that, often times, there is no board-level VP of Events who can make calls about event needs – someone that is able to marry company objectives with live experiences.

Well, that trend is changing.

Download the "From Event Planner to Event Strategist" file here

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