Rock Ya Events Group | Business Closure

"And suddenly you know it's time to start something new and trust the magic of new beginnings."

Dear customers/ suppliers/ friends & supporters,

As we all know, change is a constant we all live with and being the person we are, in our book, it’s not something to run away from. Instead it presents an opportunity for reflection, renewal and growth. The change also comes with new perspectives, new perceptions and purposes. And suddenly you know it's time to start something new and trust the magic of new beginnings.

Rock Ya Events Group Ltd. will close its doors by 31/12/2019

Within the last 12yo providing unique and bespoke event and travel experiences to our clients in Europe we experienced a lot of great events and also met fantastic people. During this time we went through different faces of development and changes have been undertaken, inspirations with creativity, innovation and enthusiasm transformed and unique and memorable experiences created. After long and careful considerations, we realised that the time has come to move on and invest in an exciting new assignment.

In this regard, I would like to use the chance first hand to thank you, on behalf of the whole team, for your ongoing support and the past business reationships with us. It was our sincere effort to offer excellent customer service to our customers, and we hope we were successful in our endeavors. It was truly a pleasure working with you and I hope that we will work also together in the future.

Furthermore I am delighted to announce that I will start a new role shortly with an incredible DMC specialist based in Edinburgh (Scotland), that unlocks the true potential of events in London, Edinburgh and the UK through fresh ideas and connected partnerships (a corresponding press release will be announced soon).

Although Rock Ya Events Group Ltd. closes its doors, we still care for our clients and customer and want to make sure that corresponding service will be secured in the future so we came up with a plan:

Our website will still remain online for redirection purposes and any enquiry will be handled and forwarded correspondingly. Our colleagues are delighted to take care of your matter.

All Rock Ya Events (event management) enquiries will be forwarded to my new account to assure that an ongoing customer service will be provided. I look forward hearing from you!


All Rock Ya Scotland (destination management) enquiries will be handled and operated under new management and from 2020 as individual business, Rock Ya Scotland. The new management is looking forward to deliver bespoke leisure travel experiences in Scotland.


If you want to stay in touch with myself or find out more about my new new venture, please visit my LinkedIn page where regular updates will be released.

I wish you a A Happy 2020 and  “Lang may yer lum reek

from Bonnie Scotland

Best regards

Pierre Kruff

Managing Director