Concerts & Festivals


Organizing events with thousands of visitors is where an event agency need to show expertise and knowledge. Here, all management keys have to be applied in the right composition in order to be successful. A good schedule and a perfect technical validation aren’t enough. The run-up promotion must target the right audience, being it not just the primary but the secondary target audience as well. With our experience in music business we know what the main keys are. The success will be revealed at the time of the event: if the number of visitors is as high as the event promised. 


Open Air Events


A public event is not only confined to a roofed location. Approach and parking logistics, arrangement of technical media, waste disposal, cleaning, washrooms, barriers and advertisement have to be implemented into the concept so the visitor gets a clear image of the event harmonizing with the offered topics. Authorisations and licences have also to be obtained as well as legal regulations being followed. The organizer is responsible for the health, safety and the hazard-free environment of the visitors.