We offer a complete Event Management service that will meet your expectations to the fullest satisfaction. We can take care of every aspect of your event starting from conception and content management, through to planning, execution and implementation. We can take the stress and hassle from you when it comes to planning your event.


With your initial enquiry, we work closely with you to develop the brief and have a clear understanding of what you want to achieve.  As a reliable company we pride ourselves in our extensive wealth of knowledge and expertise and we use the strength of our supplier relationships to design and resource a solution that adds value within your budget. Knowledge and expertise gained across many venues throughout the UK, Germany and the rest of Europe.

If you´re thinking conference,
you should be thinking SCOTLAND

We offer our Event Management service also for your event in Scotland. Scotland’s beauty as an event location lies in the fact that you could, if you wish, start your day in a state-of the art conference venue and finish it on top of a mountain. However you want your event to run, we’ve got a way to make it happen.


  •  Scotland is home to renowned experts in both corporate and academic fields.  Their influence drives ground breaking inventions and thought leadership.


  • We’ve got the facilities: purpose built meeting venues, unique spaces for dinners, hotels that are the envy of the world.


  • Scotland’s people make great hosts.