Skoda Auto is an automobile manufacturer in the Czech Republic. The beginnings of Skoda date back to the early 1890s, when the company started producing bicycles, as did many traditional car manufacturers. During the First World War Skoda worked in the war production. After the First World War began with the production of trucks. In 1924 the company was looking for a partner for problems and a fire. As a result, she merged with Skoda Works, the largest industrial company in Czechoslovakia.

IIn 2012, the company had to rebrand. Most companies that need a rebranding suffer from a general positioning. Corporate rebranding is about strategically polishing the apple with a sharper and more differentiated positioning.


Skoda critics would be surprised to hear that Skoda is now one of the fastest growing car brands in the British auto industry. The Czech carmaker was able to increase sales in the United Kingdom by 24% in 2001.

  • Creative concept design

  • Event Design and Planning

  • Production running orders

  • VIP and act managers

  • Event post production

  • Build and derig management

  • Event documentation

  • Success measurement


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