Umbrella, whisky & humour - The weather in Scotland


Drizzle and fog are considered typical Scottish. But the weather in Scotland is too diverse and surprisingly to reduce it only to rainy. What you can expect in Scotland regards the weather: a proper volatility. The weather in Scotland can change within minutes. A Scottish proverb says: If you don´t like the weather in Scotland, wait a minute!
Forecasted shower of rain could turn out as a rainy day in Fort William and a nice day in Cairngorms or vise versa. Basically saying in the west of Scotland, where all atlantic lows and rains are, it comes down three times as much rainfall as in the East.
The driest and nicest travel months in Scotland are statistically May, June and September. In July and August the rain comes quite often. The Gulf Stream on the west coast of Scotland ensures a balanced mild oceanic climate. There is no great heat and cold extremes, but mild winters and cool summers, where temperatures rise rarely above 20 ° C. In the mountains it can sometimes be very cold and in the winter months lot of snow can be expected.
Since there is no place in Scotland who more than 60km away from the sea, the wind in Scotland can partially be very strong.


A very good weather forecast website is